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1.What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Coaching is present and future focused. Coaches help their clients explore their past only as a means of understanding their current life experience and belief systems. Their primary goal is to help a client look at where they are today, where they want to be, and then develop a plan for how to get from point A to point B.

Therapists/Counsellors tend to be more past and present focused. While a therapist may work with clients to set goals and make changes, primarily clients come to them seeking assistance with a specific problem that is causing them to function below their comfortable baseline level. Therapists can assist them with working through this problem so that they can carry on with their lives.

**We can work together on choosing which model is right for you during your free 15 minute phone consultation session.


2.What is Teletherapy and how does it work? Is it secure?

Teletherapy, is also known as online video counselling, virtual counselling or telehealth. I use a secure and encrypted platform called to provide on-line counselling and coaching sessions with clients. My clients will receive an email invite to register with and a link will be provided for them to click on at the scheduled time of their appointment. Sessions are anonymous and are never recorded or stored.


3.Cost and payment for sessions and Cancellation Policy

The cost for each 1 hr. session is $120.00. I do not direct bill insurance companies but I will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your provider. Please contact your provider to determine if the sessions are covered by your benefits plan or health care spending account through your employer.

Payment forms that I accept are: ACH transfer (e-transfer), cheque, and Paypal

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, please contact me 24 hours beforehand to reschedule. Otherwise, you may be charged 50% of the full rate of the session.


4.Can my partner/child/parent come to my session?

I do not offer couples or family counselling. Those require specialized training and oftentimes, the sessions are longer in length. If this is something that you would like to add to augment your current individual sessions, I can recommend a skilled therapist who works with couples and families.


5.Are our sessions confidential?

What we discuss in our sessions is confidential unless I become aware that a child is being abused or neglected or if someone is going to harm themselves or someone else. Please refer to the Policies form I send you to complete prior to our first session.


6.Questions regarding Energy Healing or Group/corporate events

For further information about Reiki, Meditation, or Sound Healing for individuals, please refer to the Energy Healing services page. For private or corporate group Sound Healing events such as Sound Baths, Meditation, Breathwork or Yoga, please see the MoonBird Sound Healing page and/or email or at the link below for more information.  

If you have any other questions, click here to contact me.



Frequently Asked Questions:

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