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Meet Lisa​...

During my 24 year career as a Social Worker, I've found that I am most effective at working with adult women. Through this work, I’ve learned that women are fierce, compassionate creatures who love and care for their children, partners, friends, parents, colleagues and those they serve in their work. I quickly came to realize that many women tend to sacrifice their own health and well-being to ensure that those they care about are thriving. As women, we have been conditioned to believe that caring for others is selfless and caring for ourselves is selfish. However, when we don’t focus on our own wellness, our giving tank eventually runs dry and our mental and/or physical health begins to suffer.

Throughout my own healing and wellness journey, I realized the importance of self-compassion and self-care. When I spent time caring for my well-being, I was much more capable of caring for others in a more present and compassionate manner. I also found that caring for all aspects of my wellness- Mind, Body and Soul- the impact on my relationship with myself and with others has been remarkable. This discovery led me to expanding my private therapy and coaching practice by obtaining my Reiki Master/Teacher, 350 hr Sound Healing Practitioner, Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) Teacher, and Meditation and Breathwork Instructor certifications.  I believe so strongly in the healing power of combining traditional therapy with various energy healing practices and am excited to share these practices with women who are on their own healing and wellness journey! 

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