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Stress and Anxiety

     Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you’re second guessing everything you said and did the day before? Are you a people pleaser who worries incessantly about what people think about you? Maybe you’re a perfectionist with an inner critic that drives you to do more and be better because if you make a mistake, you’ll feel like a failure or a fraud? Have you stopped taking risks because you’re stuck and afraid to take a chance on yourself?

     If your answer is yes, it’s likely that you are struggling with anxiety. We all feel stressed from time to time. Stress is part of being human because our bodies are hard-wired to feel stress during a difficult situation. Anxiety is the feeling we have that lingers in our bodies even when that stressor is gone. Anxiety is the spinning with worry about situations we can’t control or what could happen in the future. Anxiety is fretting over what people think of us and needing to be liked by everyone. If this is you, know that you are not alone. Women are hard on themselves. Period.

     Now imagine what your life would look like if those patterns of self judgement, self doubt, people pleasing and perfectionism are no longer the driving forces in your life? Imagine being around others and feeling confident? What would you be doing if that inner critical voice was quieter and you started believing in yourself?

     If this is an area where you are struggling, I can help. I can teach you to become aware of that negative self-sabotaging talk and identify the thoughts that are creating those spinning and spiraling feelings. I will give you tools that will help you navigate difficult situations as they arise while managing your anxious feelings through mindfulness and other coping strategies. I can help you get on the path to living the life you want and deserve.


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